DoE-compliant Jade Pool Pumps

DoE-compliant Jade Pumps

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The U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) has developed new energy-efficiency standards for pool pumps manufactured on or after July 19, 2021.

As was mentioned in previous post, pool pumps should meet minimum WEF after July 19, 2021. Jade has sent all the pool pumps to a qualified and authorized lab to have them tested for WEF.

Fortunately, some of the pumps meet the minimum WEF required by DoE without any improvement. The rest pumps should be improved and re-designed to make them DoE-compliant.

Use the following tables to find DoE-compliant Jade Pool Pumps.

1 Series

Model#: J05501, J07501

2 Series

Model#: J05502, J07502

3 Series

Model#: J03703, J05503, J07503, J11503

4 Series

Model#: J03704, J05504, J07504, J11504

CEC In Ground Pool Pump

Model#: J5002CEC, J18002CEC

Smart Series

Model#: J01804, J02604

Mini Series

Model#: J01804, J02604

Variable Speed Pump

Model#: J15008

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What’s the difference between HHP and THP?

about New doe regulation IN THE USA

What's the difference between HHP and THP?
How to know the WEF of a pump?

Please do not get confused with HHP and THP. Here is an article showing the difference and based on that it would be quite easy for you to understand what is going on. I am just quoting it here:

Everything depends on HHP instead of THP.

The pump can be single or variable speed as long as it is fulfilling the DoE new criteria, it is good which is shown in DoE’s table below.

To make it simple, you just need to calculate the HHP of the target pump and if it falls between the range of 0.711 to less than 2.5 then apply the relevant formula to calculate the WEF and compare if the measured WEF is equal to greater than calculated WEF. If it is so then the target pump will qualify for the new DoE rules.

If you would like to test a pump to see if it meets the WEF requirement, first you will have to calculate the C curve and hhp and then do the rest of the testing based on single speed or variable/multiple speed and then calculate the WEFs. If they meet the minimum allowable WEF score as shown above in the table then they qualify new DoE rules otherwise they just fail the new regulations. 

Fortunately, most of Jade’s pool pump WEF is bigger the minimum allowable WEF score, that is to say, Jade pool pumps are allowed to be sold in the USA, the only thing you have to do is to regist on the DoE website as a distributor of our pumps before selling.

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About DPPPs Rule – How to calculate HHP?

About DPPPs Rules - How to Calculate HHP?

HHP means Hydraulic Horsepower, it is calculated as pressure times flow rate and divided by a coefficient.

Here’s the formula:


HHP is in unit of hp, it reflects output of the pump.

P is the pressure with unit of psi.

Q is the flow rate with unit of GPM.

Take Jade product J15001 pump for example, the pump has a flow of 92 GPM at 35 psi, then its HHP is calculated as 35*92/1714=1.88

Note: above psi and GPM data is based on test performed in Jade’s own lab. Should any discrepancy occur between this data and other test result from any authoritative lab, the data from the authority shall prevail.

In kilowatts, the formula of the hydraulic power should be HkW=P*Q/2298 

HkW is in unit of kW, it reflects output watts of the pump.

P is the pressure with unit of psi.

Q is the flow rate with unit of GPM.

A Good Customer Review from Distributors in Saudi Arabia

A Good Customer Review from Distributors in Saudi Arabia

A reseller in Saudi Arabia choose to work with us after a sample order, here’s how his customer thinks of Jade pool pump:

This reseller is very professional in pool industry, he knows all famous brand for pool products. As far as his experience and comparing, he thinks Jade products have the same performance level with those of famous brands like Hayward, Pentair etc.

If you are interested in such good and cost efficient product, please fill in the following form and let us know today!

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Wish from Jade on International Working Women’s Day 2021

Happy Women's Day

Share happiness and dessert with Jade family!

From June 2020 till now, all Jade members work hard to rush for urgent orders, you deserve it!

Wish all Jade customers and Jade members have a nice International Working Women’s Day!

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Lyon, France

After meeting so many business people in Lyon, Jade’s sales feel exhausted but are really excited to see our products are so popular among European people!

Several customers stand by and come to Jade booth twice or more and some even placed order immediately. We really appreciate the trust from them!

Many customers are afraid of leakage problem, however, Jade has never met this problem as we have an experienced engineer team and they know how to make the pump better without leakage. We also tested three brands of mechanical seal for more then 3 months when we were developing the 1st pool pump, and use the best one in our products. Judging from six years’sales, our decision is correct and no customer has complaint about any leakage problem. We are confident that Jade products will gain success in Europe for sure!

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Piscina & Wellness Barcelona Expo 2019

Piscina & Wellness Barcelona Expo 2019

Barcelona, Spain

We met a strick in support of Catalan independence those days, traffic is quite bad, many customer who intended to come to the show were held-up at the Airport of Barcelona and some walked quite a long way from the airport to the exhibition.

Anyway, we are thankful to those who tried their best effort to come to meet us on the pool show,  we love Barcelona, we love our customers.

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Asia Pool & Spa & Sauna Expo 2018

Asia Pool & Spa & Sauna Expo 2018

Guangzhou, China

Glad to meet so many professional pool business men in China.

We are glad to see so many excellent pool equipments of Chinese brand. 

The most impressed new product is swim current which allows people to do swimming exercise in a small pool or even in a bathtub. The swim current should work with a circulation pump which is the same as Jade swimming pool pump.

If you want to expand your business with swim current, you may also need Jade swimming pool pump to work with.

Hope to hear from you and grow together in the near future!

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Jade In Barcelona Piscina Expo 2017

Barcelona Piscina Expo 2017

Barcelona, Spain

2017 is an important & meaningful year to Jade, we get into European market via this Barcelona pool show. We have the confidence that our products will also become popular just like their popularity in the USA.

Would you like to become one of our distributors in Europe?

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Jade in Pool|Spa|Patio Expo 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana,USA

Pool|Spa|Patio Expo 2016

New Orleans, Louisiana,USA

The pool show was held in this famous city — New Orleans.

With our principle:

No Business Is Too Small, We Treasure Every Opportunity.

No Problem Is Too Big, We Care About Every Customer.

We hope to serve cutomers of all kinds, no matter big or small, scrupulous or non-professional, all Jade staff will stand by you.

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