Pool Size and Pool Pump Horse Power

This article shows how to choose the right pump for your pool

staff of Jade

By Vincent Hao

Many pool owners are confused on how to match the right pool pumps for their pools.

There are many charts from different professionals and gives different suggestions, it make things more complicated.

Actually, it is easy to decide how big pump will work for your pools. Usually we advise to run your pool water 3 cycles a day and each cycle should take 3-4 hours, and it is better to run pump 200 days of year.

Based on the above concept, pool owners should choose pool pump with flow rate instead of just horse power as the same horse power pumps can perform different flow rate.

For example, if your pool is 14400 gallon, a pool pump with 4800GPH(14400/3=4800) will be suitable for you, which is equal to 80GPM(4800/60=80).

Flow rate is affected by the pipe size. Please choose the right pipe when doing plumbing.

Here’s a chart on the proper pipe size and flow rate.

Pipe Size

1.5″ (50mm)

2.0″ (63mm)

2.5″ (75mm)

3.0″ (90mm)

Biggest Flow

45 GPM

80 GPM

110 GPM

160 GPM

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