DoE-compliant Jade Pumps

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The U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) has developed new energy-efficiency standards for pool pumps manufactured on or after July 19, 2021.

As was mentioned in previous post, pool pumps should meet minimum WEF after July 19, 2021. Jade has sent all the pool pumps to a qualified and authorized lab to have them tested for WEF.

Fortunately, some of the pumps meet the minimum WEF required by DoE without any improvement. The rest pumps should be improved and re-designed to make them DoE-compliant.

Use the following tables to find DoE-compliant Jade Pool Pumps.

1 Series

Model#: J05501, J07501

2 Series

Model#: J05502, J07502

3 Series

Model#: J03703, J05503, J07503, J11503

4 Series

Model#: J03704, J05504, J07504, J11504

CEC In Ground Pool Pump

Model#: J5002CEC, J18002CEC

Smart Series

Model#: J01804, J02604

Mini Series

Model#: J01804, J02604

Variable Speed Pump

Model#: J15008

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