What if a big pump works with a small plastic sand filter?

This article is a summary between one of our customers in Saudi Arabia and our salesman.

Fay Wang from Ningbo Jade Pool Technology Co., Ltd.

By Fay Wang

Today, one of our distributors in Saudi Arabia meets a problem. His customer finds that the 1.0hp pump flow becomes smaller after running it for 5 months. He opened the pump and find that there is a lot of sand heap up in the impeller.

tripped impeller

“It is very dusty in our area, we are not able to avoid the dusty going into the pump, how should I do?”

The distributor asked for help.

Well, if it is impossible to stop the sand going through the pump, then a bigger pump might be helpful since it has bigger centrifugal force to send the sand or dust out of the impeller.

The distributor agreed with our proposal since this problem never happen in our 1.5hp or bigger pumps. But the only question is, can the 19″ plastic sand filter work with a 1.5hp or bigger pump? The distributor is afraid the 19″(500mm) plastic sand filter can not bear the pressure that a 1.5hp pump produces.

After calculation, David, Jade’s general engineer, thinks it is workable.

Usually we advise 1hp pump to work with a 19″(500mm) sand filter, 1.5hp with 24″(600mm), 2hp with 31″ and 36″ sand filter.

But it is also changeable in some situation.

Usually a plastic sand filter can bear max pressure of 21kg. The working pressure of our 1.5hp pump is 14kg and the max pressure it can reach is 18kg when locked, it is less than 21kg, so it is ok to run 1.5hp pump with a 19″ sand filter just considering the pressure.

Of course we should also consider flow rate, energy consuming etc. for more useful suggestions.

If you have any question on those data or you also meet any special situation on the pump and sand filter, please feel free to let us know, we will give proper suggestions.

Thanks for reading this article!