about New doe regulation IN THE USA

What's the difference between HHP and THP?
How to know the WEF of a pump?

Please do not get confused with HHP and THP. Here is an article showing the difference and based on that it would be quite easy for you to understand what is going on. I am just quoting it here:

HP, THP and HHP in DoE Regulation

Everything depends on HHP instead of THP.

The pump can be single or variable speed as long as it is fulfilling the DoE new criteria, it is good which is shown in DoE’s table below.

To make it simple, you just need to calculate the HHP of the target pump and if it falls between the range of 0.711 to less than 2.5 then apply the relevant formula to calculate the WEF and compare if the measured WEF is equal to greater than calculated WEF. If it is so then the target pump will qualify for the new DoE rules.

US DoE DDDP Refulation

If you would like to test a pump to see if it meets the WEF requirement, first you will have to calculate the C curve and hhp and then do the rest of the testing based on single speed or variable/multiple speed and then calculate the WEFs. If they meet the minimum allowable WEF score as shown above in the table then they qualify new DoE rules otherwise they just fail the new regulations. 

Fortunately, most of Jade’s pool pump WEF is bigger the minimum allowable WEF score, that is to say, Jade pool pumps are allowed to be sold in the USA, the only thing you have to do is to regist on the DoE website as a distributor of our pumps before selling.

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