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Swimming Pool History and Stories

Sunshine, beach and waves have always been standard fun for summer holidays although people at the seaside are like dumplings prepared for cooking.

The swimming pool maybe a good choice for replacement. Do you know the swimming pools are part of the American dream? Do you know the swimming pool itself is also an artistic inspiration?

Swimming pool was first regarded as a place for bathing and sacrifice. One of the first swimming pools in the United States was deep eddy pool in Austin, Texas.

Jimmie Dale Gilmore, a Texas musician, had wrote a song for the pool named “deep eddy blues”.

After World War II, with the emergence of Hollywood movies, owning swimming pools began to become a symbol of the status of the United States.

People began to take vacations in their backyard swimming pools as part of the American dream.

It was during this period that David honik drew the “swimming pool” series with the attitude of a wealthy man. He would also draw oval lines under the swimming pool so that the swimming pool will show full of artistic sense when filled with water.

So Los Angeles does not only relate to long coastline and surfing, swimming pools are also one of the feature of California.

It’s also an important part of honnick’s painting career. After the depression and austerity of World War II, swimming pools, as a representative of luxurious feelings, had attracted countless people.

In honnick’s painting, abstract technique is used for the algae bloom.

Painting always reflects the artist’s imagination.

In order to see the paticular charm of the swimming pool, we’d better turn to the photography art to look for it.

The following photo was shoot for a magzine in 1964 when Beatles jumped into the pool beside Miami beach in winter, but it was regarded as too naive by the editor and never used for the magzine.

The photographer proved that the editor was wrong after he made the picture in color. Anyway, the picture was praised by the public later.