California Energy Committee approved above ground pool pump

flexible port

Discharge port can be turned to horizontal for flexible installation. Click headline to see the guidance.

two speed

High speed to clean the pool and low speed to keep water circulating at a clam mode, low speed can save as much as 85% energy than high speed.

noise free

One-piece case without bolts insure minimum vibration and super quiet operation

long lifetime

High-tech motor with qualified material provide with cooler running and longer life. Suitable for above ground pools & spas.

lid of above ground pump

Wet side

A see-thru cover with cam-lock lid for quick inspect and tool-free service. One-piece case without bolts insure super quiet operation. Strainer housing and other parts made of fiber reinforced PP allow pump being used either indoor or outdoor. Port size 1.5"

giant force pro

2m power cord

Comes with 2m power cord. Power plug can be customized to meet the local electrical code in target market area. 1.5" original ports, can work with 1.25" fittings for hose connection and 1.5" & 2.0" fittings for pipe connection

bonding screw on the pump motor

nema Motor

Copper coil ensure cool running and can withstand temperature rating at 180℃.
316 Stainless Steel shaft reduce noise to 60 dB. Cold rolled sheet assure 100% high efficiency. Thermostable oil bearing endure temperature rating at 150℃.Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled

Flexible port

Discharge port can be turned to horizontal or any angle for flexible installation.

Two Speed Style: J11504E

two speed pool pump swtich

Speed switch

Easy to toggle between High speed / Off / Low speed

above ground pump curve




Pump will be packed in a box with 100% pump body covered by foam. Drop test passed. User manual included.


Usually shipping by sea without pallet is recommended. Other shipping methods and shipping with pallets are also available on your request. 

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