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8 Series Super Flow Pump

  • Super powerful pump for all types and sizes pool, in-ground spas.

  • Big strainer casing allows high water flow.

  • The strainer basket with internal ribs assure flow when filled with leaves and debris.

  • One-piece case without bolts insure super quiet operation.

  • High-tech motor with qualified material provide with cooler running and longer life.

  • Suitable for all types and sizes pool, in-ground spas.

Item No. L
J18008 12.72″(323mm)
J20008 13.54″(344mm)

Apprived by CE, ROHS

Provide with 12 months warranty and long marketing support



Item No. Voltage Hertz Input Output Amps Flow Rate Pipe Size
J18008 220-240 50 1600w/2HP 1150w/1.5HP 5.9 28 m³/h 2″(50.8mm)
J20008 220-240 50 2200w/3HP 1500w/2HP 8.2 32 m³/h 2″(50.8mm)
  • Small orders allowed without MOQ limit.

  • 45 days delivery promises with extra 1% discount on 1 week delay, 2% discount on 2 weeks delay……

  • Competitve price compared to other sellers with the same quality and service.

No. Description No. Description
1 Lid 10 Pump Housing O-ring
2  O-ring 11 Pump Housing
 3  Strainer Casing 12 Pump Housing Screw
 4  Drain Plug 13 Pump Cover
 5 Diffuser O-ring 14 Motor O-ring
 6  Diffuser 15 Screw
7 Impeller Cover 16 Motor
8  Impeller 17 Basket
9 Shaft Seal 18 Carrier

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