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6 Series Super Flow Pump

  • Dual Voltage super powerful pump for all types and sizes pool, in-ground spas.

  • Big strainer casing allows high water flow.

  • The strainer basket with internal ribs assure flow when filled with leaves and debris.

  • One-piece case without bolts insure super quiet operation.

  • High-tech motor with qualified material provide with cooler running and longer life.

  • Suitable for all types and sizes pool, in-ground spas.

Item No. L
J13506 15.12″(384mm)
J18006 15.71″(399mm)

Apprived by ETL, ROHS

Provide with 12 months warranty and long marketing support



Item No. Voltage Hertz HP SF Total HP Amps Flow Rate Pipe Size
J13506 115/230 60 1.0 1.8 1.8 18.6/9.3 102 GPM 2″
J18006 115/230 60 1.5 1.6 2.4 25/12.5 150GPM 2″
  • Small orders allowed without MOQ limit.

  • 45 days delivery promises with extra 1% discount on 1 week delay, 2% discount on 2 weeks delay……

  • Competitve price compared to other sellers with the same quality and service.

No. Description Item#
1 Lid JR13506001
2  O-ring  JR13506002
 3  Strainer Casing  JR13506003
 4  Drain Plug  JR05501005
 5 Diffuser O-ring  JR13506005
 6  Diffuser  JR13506006
7 Impeller Cover  JR13506007
8  Impeller for J13506

Impeller for J18006



9 Shaft Seal  JR13506009
10 Pump Housing O-ring JR13506010
11 Pump Housing JR13506011
12 Pump Housing Screw JR13605012
13 Pump Cover JR13506013
14 Motor O-ring JR13506014
15 Screw JR13506015
16 Motor for J13506

Motor for J18006



17 Basket JR13506017
18 Carrier JR13506018

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