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20″(500mm) Sand Filter and Pump System

  • 250kpa max working pressure.

  • 5 way dial valve including filtration, backwash, rinse, waste, closed.

  • Corrosion-proof and UV-resistant body.

  • Standard pump and firm filter base, easy to install and service.

  • Underdrain with side-slotted laterals draws water evenly across the full diameter of the sand bed for higher flow, better filtration, longer cycles and more efficient backwashing.

  • Suitable for pools of all types and sizes.

Item No. A B C
J0550320 825mm 500mm 50mm
J0550820 825mm 500mm 50mm
Item No. A B
J0550320 840mm 730mm
J0550820 840mm 730mm

Apprived by ETL, CE, ROHS

Provide with 12 months warranty and long marketing support

  • 5-Position Top-Mount Valve

  • Safety materials for all parts, tank made of HDP

  • Durable High Flow Laterals

  • Simple, intuitive pressure gauge for quick inspect

  • Small orders allowed without MOQ limit.

  • 45 days delivery promises with extra 1% discount on 1 week delay, 2% discount on 2 weeks delay……

  • Competitve price compared to other sellers with the same quality and service.

Item No. Description Hertz Filter Area Sand Required Flow Rate Pipe Size
J0550320 20″ diameter Filter

with 0.75hp pump

60 2.0 sq.ft. 176 lbs 44 GPM 1 1/2″
J0550820 500mm diameter Filter

with 550W pump

50 0.19 m² 80 kg 10 m³/h 38mm

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